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The Liberty Broadcast: Episode #52

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Another informational live broadcast covering clown world news, current events & the illuminati weather.

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Live Tuesdays at 8pm CST.

Show Notes

U.S. to sell additional 20 million barrels of oil from strategic reserve

From Fist-Bump To Fisted: Oil Surges After OPEC+ Agrees On 100Kb/d Production Cut

Russia Admits Weaponization Of Gas, Halts NS1 Shipments "Until Sanctions Lifted" As EU Prepares Response To Energy Crisis

(Videos) Disney Airs Animated Series About Satan Impregnating A Reluctant Mother Who Births the Antichrist

BLM gets sued by its own activists:

Occupy Democrats Big Mad At Joe Rogan And Spotify

BOMBSHELL! Joe Biden Ordered Mar-a-Lago Raid, Court Docs Show

Biden’s Division Is Working: Dropkick Murphys Singer Threatens To ‘Fight’ MAGA Republicans In Crowd

Executive Order 14067 Explained | Catherine Austin Fitts Explains, "A Digital Transaction Control Grid...Your Money Will Turn Off 5 Miles from Your Home."

DIANA – Ritual Sacrifice of the New World Order

The Experts Still Pushing Coerced Jabs

(Videos) Medical Censorship: California Democrats Approve Bill To Punish Doctors Who Spread COVID ‘Misinformation’

(Videos) Watch: MSNBC Declares All Republicans "Evil" And A "Threat To Democracy"; Pundit Says "We Are At War"

ENEMY OF THE STATE’: Trump Turns Tables On Biden After ‘Red Sermon’ Speech

Civil liberties protesters can’t pay legal fees after bank accounts were frozen by Trudeau government

Italian town introduces social credit style scheme

The World Economic Forum doesn’t like the criticism

(Videos) Viral Video: Trump’s Crowd Dwarfs Biden’s Turnout In Same Pennsylvania Town

(Videos) Biden Says ‘Computer Chip’ Shortage ‘Biggest Reason’ For Inflation in Wacky Speech

(Videos) Winners Have Energy Bills Paid For On ‘Dystopian’ UK Morning Show Game

(Videos) Trump Blasts FBI for Raiding Son Barron’s Room, While Ignoring “High Crimes and Treason” On Hunter Laptop

(Videos) Revolt Against ‘The Current Thing’

The Federal Reserve Wants You Fired: Ron Paul

UK Police Prepare For “Breakdown in Public Order” Caused by Cost of Living Crisis

Report: Biden Has Spent 40% Of His Presidency On Vacation

(Videos) Conservative Comedian Says Facebook Censored Photos Of His Pancake Mix For Being ‘Racist’

Black Lives Matter Leader Allegedly Stole $10 Million From Woke Rights Group

Trump Wins Special Master Fight, Biden DOJ Ordered To Halt Investigating Seized Documents.

Timestamp 9:12 VIDEO: Trump Now Funding J6 Defendants, Promises Pardons and Apologies if He Wins 2024

(Video)White House Adviser: ‘Hate Filled’ Trump Supporters Have ‘No Place’ In Biden’s ‘Democracy’

Biden: Make America Great Again ‘Extremism’ A ‘Threat’ To ‘Soul’ Of America

Joe Biden Hijacks Union Rally in Milwaukee on Labor Day — But the Stands Are Mostly Empty — VIDEO

Crowd minutes before Biden expected to speak in Milwaukee 🤣

Joe Biden Accuses Heckler of ‘Destroying Democracy’ at Labor Day Speech

Florida Prepares to Hold the IRS Accountable

Florida Prepares to Hold the IRS Accountable – PJ Media


If You’re a Fan of Pres. Trump, Check Your Spam Folder

Australian Academy of Science demands social media platforms ban climate “misinformation”

31-Year-Old Transgender Footballer Celebrates Being Able to Use Same Changing Room as Team of Teenage Girls

VIDEO Timestamp 10:09 former FBI Agent talks about corruption in the FBI

Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers stunned by bad news after winning season opener.

Court: Meta violated Washington state campaign finance law

Canada mass stabbing

New tech allegedly detects Covid through voice analysis.

China approves world’s first inhalable Covid-19 vaccine

Texas to receive updated COVID-19 boosters next week

Who Benefits From US Government Claims That The UFO Threat Is Increasing "Exponentially"?

Brazil's Democracy Under Threat: Supreme Court Blocks President's Social Media

Dark Brandon Speech Of Doom

Toxic dust storm hits burning man causing total whiteout

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